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score2sms – DIY football score updates via text message

A cool new project I’ve just finished…

Let’s say you’re favourite football team is playing tonight, BUT you’ve just promised your girl that you’d take her out to that new Indo-Cuban sushi restaurant slash hair salon (hey, it could exist). So what do you do? Now obviously you can access the net using your mobile these days, but that means you have to keep checking your phone every 2 minutes. Or I suppose you could ask a friend to update you, but at the rate your friend is downing those beers at the sports bar he’s probably not going to remember to text you (well my friends anyway). The solution?


score2sms is a system using some Linux software, some electronics and an old Nokia mobile phone which will automatically text you when the score changes for games that you have chosen to monitor. Click the pic for more details.

The score2sms setup.

The score2sms setup.

Check out the project page here.