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Project Update: Jerome v1.1

The latest release version of Songbird was incompatible with my library consolidation script. So I modified it, and its working with Songbird v1.1 now. Unfortunately this makes it *incompatible* with any previous Songbird version (like 1.o).

jerome – A Songbird library consolidation script for Linux users.

jerome – a Songbird library consolidation script

I use Songbird 1.0.0 to listen to music and manage my ipod, and it’s a really great app with many cool features and add ons. The only feature I was missing was iTunes-style library consolidation – where all your music files are copied to folders on your hard drive by artist  then album.

Being new to the Linux environment as well as Python I decided that a good excercise in learning both would be to make my own little script to consolidate a Sonbird library. And so jerome was born.

jerome uses python with pysqlite to access the Songbird library and zenity as a simple GUI, with output folder selection and progress bar.

So if anyone out there is using Songbird and wishes to consolidate their music library, check out jerome!

jerome – Google Code.