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End your almost-empty peanut butter jar woes

This is classic! I stumbled upon this awesome jar that opens on both ends so you never have to dig and scrape the last few bits of peanut butter (or similar foodstuffs) ever again!


[via skforlee]

Stain: The Tea Cup That Improves With Use | Tea Finely Brewed

Here’s a cool idea. This designer has developed a tea cup which slowly reveals a pattern on the inside of the cup the more you use it.

Bethan writes: “This project examines the assumption that use is damaging to a product (For example, scratches on an iPod).”

Stain: The Tea Cup That Improves With Use | Tea Finely Brewed.

15 Incredible Conceptual Designs You Wish Existed

Creativeclosup have put together a list of 15 incredible conceptual designs you wish existed. My personal favourites are the Paint or die but love me table, the glove controlled musical instrument and the Toast Messenger (shown below):

15 Incredible Conceptual Designs You Wish Existed.

How Canon prototype their camera bodies

Cool step-by-step guide showing how Canon make balsa wood prototypes of their Camera bodies.

canonprotoCanon Camera Museum – Balsa Wood Mock-up Modeling tutorial via Small Surfaces