Project Update: Jerome v1.1

The latest release version of Songbird was incompatible with my library consolidation script. So I modified it, and its working with Songbird v1.1 now. Unfortunately this makes it *incompatible* with any previous Songbird version (like 1.o).

jerome – A Songbird library consolidation script for Linux users.

SixthSense – A Wearable Gestural Interface


Patti Maes’ Fluid Interfaces Group from the MIT Media Lab have a prototype ‘wearable gestural interface‘ that looks most interesting!

Although the miniaturization of computing devices allows us to carry computers in our pockets, keeping us continually connected to the digital world, there is no link between our digital devices and our interactions with the physical world. Information is confined traditionally on paper or digitally on a screen. SixthSense bridges this gap, bringing intangible, digital information out into the tangible world, and allowing us to interact with this information via natural hand gestures. ‘SixthSense’ frees information from its confines by seamlessly integrating it with reality, and thus making the entire world your computer.

The SixthSense system is comprised of a digital camera, a portable projector and some colour markers. The projector projects an image on to any surface (preferably flat) directly in front of the user. The digital camera tracks the colour markers (typically placed on the user’s fingertips) by sending the images to a mobile computing device in the user’s pocket, which is also responsible for sending information to the projector. In this way gestures traced out by the user are analysed, and the appropriate action or image to display is realised.


For example, the SixthSense system implements a gestural camera that takes photos of the scene the user is looking at by detecting the ‘framing’ gesture. The user can stop by any surface or wall and flick through the photos he/she has taken.

Check out this really interesting video for an overview of the system as well as some application examples:

And you should also check out Pranav Mistry’s (grad student working with Patti Maes) website, for a longer description as well as more pictures and video of the system in action.

SixthSense – Pranav Mistry [via Core77]

RbG Rainbow Glasses

Tired of your boring old glasses? Wish you could have a new look every now and them, WITHOUT having to break the bank for a new pair? Well now you can!

Luis Porem has a glasses design featuring hollow transparent frames. This allows you to fill the frames with a colourful liquid!

The structure of the RbG glasses has an internal channel where the colourful ink passes through, painting it with the colours you desire, allowing you to have a different look every time you want.

RbG Rainbow Glasses via Core77

The Secret To Creativity [JCD]

Just Creative Design (JCD) have posted about The Secret to Creativity. They discuss the fine line between inspiration and plagiarism, as well as providing several links on the topic of creativity.

This quote comes from their post…

“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”

Albert Einstein

They then put forward some interesting questions: How does hiding your sources make you more creative? Is there such a thing as an original idea?

Check out the post for some more insight and some really great links.

Just Creative Design – The Secret to Creativity

Did You Know?

A really interesting and thought provoking look at technology and the world of today. It’s quite scary how fast things are happening…

Check it out, I promise you’ll enjoy it!

via FreakLabs

Tattoo House

Arch Daily are featuring a really interesting house from Australia by Andrew Maynard Architects called the Tattoo house. Simple form combined with a tight budget and space constraints have yielded something quite special here. Lot’s of natural light, open plan layout and efficient use of space. I love the kitchen counter that forms part of the stairs! Of course there are quite a few other multi-functional elements to the house.

Most striking  is the ‘UV-stable stickers’ found on the walls of the ground and upper floor. The use of a tree as the sticker form allows plenty of light in through the ground floor (where only the trunks are visible). The windows of the upper floor are almost covered by the silhouette of the branches and leaves of the tree sticker. This is done to satisfy council regulations with regard to houses overlooking into neighbouring properties, as well as providing a really cool effect where light falling through the ‘leaves’ creates interesting shadows in the house.

You *have* to check out the post as it offers tons of pics and a much better description! (click the pic!!)

Arch Daily – The Tattoo House

Dino Fizz!

On  my WordPress stats page I can see all the links people have clicked to find pages and posts on my blog. I noticed someone had clicked a link from a search engine query for “Dino Fizz”. Naturally I was quite curious as to what comes up when one searches for “Dino Fizz”, and what I found was a fizzing bath ball in the shape of a dinosaur egg, and a cola drink! I think its pretty funny that someone looking for bath salts ended up reading about engineering, art and design, but hey such is the world we live in!

FYI dinofizz is a handle or nickname that I’ve been using on the internet since 1996 or so. It’s a combination of my first name ‘Dino’ (named after a 70’s Ferrari sportscar, which was in turn named after Dino Ferrari, son of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari – wow thats a lot of “Ferrari’s”) and my surname ‘Fizzotti’ which is a not too common northern Italian family name.


dino fizz cola