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Blog Reboot

Just a heads up that after two years of lying dormant I am attempting to reboot my blog. We’ll see how it goes.

Google Mow Their Lawn with Goats

From the official Google blog comes a a story of how they use goats to mow some fields adjacent to their headquarters. While gasoline-powered mowers do the job and spew carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the goats do the job and fertilize the fields at the same time. Legendary.

goats[via Official Google Blog]

Superhero Supply Store!

Grappling hooks, invisibility paint, jars of anti-matter, deflecter bracelets. Thats just some of the items for sale at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company. HOW AWESOME!


Proceeds from the store go to a non profit creative writing institute (the entrance to which is through a swinging bookcase within the store!).

Check this post for more details on the super items for sale, and some neat pics.

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co – A Tribe Called Next

Dino Fizz!

OnĀ  my WordPress stats page I can see all the links people have clicked to find pages and posts on my blog. I noticed someone had clicked a link from a search engine query for “Dino Fizz”. Naturally I was quite curious as to what comes up when one searches for “Dino Fizz”, and what I found was a fizzing bath ball in the shape of a dinosaur egg, and a cola drink! I think its pretty funny that someone looking for bath salts ended up reading about engineering, art and design, but hey such is the world we live in!

FYI dinofizz is a handle or nickname that I’ve been using on the internet since 1996 or so. It’s a combination of my first name ‘Dino’ (named after a 70’s Ferrari sportscar, which was in turn named after Dino Ferrari, son of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari – wow thats a lot of “Ferrari’s”) and my surname ‘Fizzotti’ which is a not too common northern Italian family name.


dino fizz cola

9 Awesome Workspaces

Some of us work in cubicle city. Some work from home. Some work outside and some don’t work at all. Here’s nine interesting workspaces I’ve found on the interweb…

1) Stefan Didak’s Home Office

Wow. Just check out all those screens. The room itself is a bit small, but it still looks sick. Check out his website to find LOTS more info on what’s going on in his home office.


Stefan Didak’s Office

2) Mitch Haile’s Home Office

This guy works The Matrix from his attic. Or something to do with multi-user software. Same thing. Check out his home office FAQ for more pics and info. Niiiice.


Mitch Haile Office FAQ

3) South Hall Office, Obi Bowman House

Here’s an example in direct contrast to the previous set-ups. No need for fancy equipment if you have a location like this. Beautiful.

South Hall Office, Obi Bowman House [via Asylum]

4) The Noir Cubicle

Not so amazing at first glance, but check this post from lifehacker to see what the cubicle looked like before it’s facelift.

The Noir Cubicle

5) Quilty-as-Charged

It used to be a dusty, junk-ridden garage belonging to an avid quilter. Then some friends came along and decided to help out with some tidying up and voila! Quilter’s Paradise was born!

Quilty-as-Charged [via lifehacker]

6) Unidentified Floating Desk

Another workspace I found featured on lifehacker, the Unidentified Floating Desk uses IKEA products to bring some life to what would normally just be a desk with a PC.

Unidentified Floating Desk

7) Nancy Cartwright’s Bedroom Desk

I’m not particularly fond of the colours and the furniture, but hey it’s the workspace of The Voice of Bart Simpson!,0,3662339.photogallery?index=6

Nancy Cartwright’s Desk

8) Espace Mobile Prefab Home Office

The cool thing about this space is that it’s inside a shipping container. Fully customisable and with a 3-year warranty, these prefab homes go for between 55000 and 95000 Euro.

Espace Mobile Prefab Home Office [via WebWorkerDaily]

9) Where We Do What We Do

Not an individual entry, but an awesome collection of images of workspaces from around the world. Check it out!


be my tjerrie

A friend sent me an email with some “Truly South African Greeting Cards.” I know the email itself is quite old, around 2 years I think. But they’re pretty funny and quite fitting seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. I would post an image but I know that the owner of the site ( which distributes these cards has previously asked websites to take down the images of his cards. You can however visit the site and pick an e-card to send to someone special (it’s for free). The older ones which I received in my email had tag lines such as “I smaak my boerewors \ But I smaak you more,” and “You’re lekker like a [picture of a cracker].” hehe.