Tattoo House

Arch Daily are featuring a really interesting house from Australia by Andrew Maynard Architects called the Tattoo house. Simple form combined with a tight budget and space constraints have yielded something quite special here. Lot’s of natural light, open plan layout and efficient use of space. I love the kitchen counter that forms part of the stairs! Of course there are quite a few other multi-functional elements to the house.

Most striking  is the ‘UV-stable stickers’ found on the walls of the ground and upper floor. The use of a tree as the sticker form allows plenty of light in through the ground floor (where only the trunks are visible). The windows of the upper floor are almost covered by the silhouette of the branches and leaves of the tree sticker. This is done to satisfy council regulations with regard to houses overlooking into neighbouring properties, as well as providing a really cool effect where light falling through the ‘leaves’ creates interesting shadows in the house.

You *have* to check out the post as it offers tons of pics and a much better description! (click the pic!!)

Arch Daily – The Tattoo House


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