Dino Fizz!

On  my WordPress stats page I can see all the links people have clicked to find pages and posts on my blog. I noticed someone had clicked a link from a search engine query for “Dino Fizz”. Naturally I was quite curious as to what comes up when one searches for “Dino Fizz”, and what I found was a fizzing bath ball in the shape of a dinosaur egg, and a cola drink! I think its pretty funny that someone looking for bath salts ended up reading about engineering, art and design, but hey such is the world we live in!

FYI dinofizz is a handle or nickname that I’ve been using on the internet since 1996 or so. It’s a combination of my first name ‘Dino’ (named after a 70’s Ferrari sportscar, which was in turn named after Dino Ferrari, son of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari – wow thats a lot of “Ferrari’s”) and my surname ‘Fizzotti’ which is a not too common northern Italian family name.


dino fizz cola


One response to “Dino Fizz!

  1. velvetmaggot

    i just used one of those fizz balls and the dinosaur that pops out would be afraid of a dime.
    it was a bummer.

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