Tristan Perich’s Machine Drawings

Tristan Perich has rigged up two motors, some fishing line and a pen to create automated art. A large piece of paper is placed against a wall, with two motors just above the upper corners of the paper. In some cases there is no paper, and the drawing is done directly on the wall. Hanging between the motors on some fishing line is a pen, fixed perpendicular to the wall. Tristan sets up the automated environment by programming a microcontroller with the size of the  wall/paper, and then designates regions which will feature either random motion or ordered movement:

The motors, the geometry, the code, the pen, the paper or wall, all are married in the drawings. The final drawings are studies of how randomness inside a structured composition can be beautiful.

All this results in some really interesting work. I like this sort of combination of hardware, software and art. It’s an innovative way of looking at automated order and randomness contained within the same piece.

Tristan Perich – Machine Drawings


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