Brad Pitt: Architect slash Actor


Arch Daily posted an interesting piece about Brad Pitt. Not many people know that Brad has a passion for architecture. He has no formal academic background in architecture, just a love for design and construction. I don’t see any problem with the idea that a person can have a love for a discipline such as architecture without a degree. There are many examples of ‘engineers’ who were never taught maths and science, yet through their ideas and subsequent investigation they have changed our world. Um I can’t think of anyone right now but you know what I mean. Everyone knows of an uncle or a grandfather or some other distant relative who maybe started out selling stationary but then had a great idea – a new design for a sharpener for example, which led to a business and then success. (Or failure, but it’s the trying that counts.)


Anyways, so in between adopting children in third world countries Brad has been working on quite a few architectural projects. Read the post to find out what he’s been up to, but I’ll mention that his latest venture is the design and development of housing for hurricane victims in New Orleans.

Reading the comments for the Arch Daily post I find mixed feelings. Some people are really offended by the title of ‘architect’ given to Mr Pitt:

I was looking for the requisite “sarcasm” tag accompanying this post, but alas found none. Mentioning Pitt in the same breath as Wright or Mies is plainly a joke. Please let this be a joke. By this same perverted logic, Trump is all the more an architect.


What is the most ridiculous in this article, that they seem to forget, that architect is NOT just a guy who makes funny sketches and then gives them to engineers, who have to suffer with them and somehow bring to life. With such point of view, SURELY, every school boy can be architect, and Brad Pitt as well, and no education is really necessary.


And then on the other side there’s…

I like that he is bringing attention to architecture by using his celebrity status. Most people do not even think about buildings and he will at least make some of those people inquire. Same as Frank Gehry – he is more important for what he brings to an architectural practice than the actual buildings.


I would be more annoyed by Mr. Pitt if he were designing vacation homes for friends and calling himself an architect. Instead he is doing some good and has so far respected the title by not referring to himself as an Architect…..although, there are plenty of real architects who don’t deserve the title, either.


Now I’ve never heard or read Brad refer to himself as an architect. I’m sure he knows that there is more to designing a house properly than a great idea and lots of money. But as an engineer I can see how certain people take offense to his popularity with regard to architecture, without having gone through an academic process. What does HE know about all the hours spent in studying in the library, or pulling an all-nighter to finish a project (…then finding out there was an extension)? Probably not much. At the end of the day I think it’s cool that he is actively engaging in something he loves, and that good things come of it. But he is lucky that his wealth and fame afford him such opportunities.

It’s interesting to see how people react to the media and the assumption of a professional title.

Architecture and Influence: Brad Pitt


3 responses to “Brad Pitt: Architect slash Actor

  1. He’s not an architect, for god sake! If he had spent all those years studying and not sleeping like I did, he would surely know that it’s not just about having some nice ideias, and maybe then his love for architecture would have significantly decreased. I’m really offended with this. Money and fame can’t buy him the title of architect..

  2. I don’t think he refers to himself as an architect, I think he just has a passion for architecture. I personally find the opinions and arguments about professional titles quite interesting.

    A friend reminded me of Tadao Ando. A Pritzker Prize winning architect who never studied architecture. So is he an architect, or an “architect”?

  3. As one of those who studied and pulled ‘the 3 days without sleep’ stint regularly to get a project done; yes I value being called an architect and am jealous of that title because of all that sweat and tears. Any muso will tell you its fun to play the air guitar but it takes years of dedication to do perfect an art. However good on Brad if he can use his star quality to bring attention to the plight of the need to rebuild for folk in huricane blitzed areas and can pursue his passion for building, well financed by his films. I just wish I could fly to Italy to choose marble for my house in France…huh! maybe in my next existance! Some people have all the luck!

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