Seriously cool retro MP3 player

Wow this is really cool. Damn I just wish there was another word for cool, I do tend to use it a lot. This is an MP3 player in the form of an old audio cassette. Everything about the design is retro. The case for the player is… you guessed it, an old audio cassette case! To charge the batteries you have to place your finger in one of the two holes (used to roll the tape on a conventional cassette) and wind it up until its ready for use again. The same goes for track seeking, place a finger in the other whole and wind it until you reach your desired track location. There is no skip feature – just like there is no track skip feature on a normal audio cassette. Brilliant. Added to the wishlist. Click the pic for more images and a more detailed description of its features.

NVDRS Tape by Stefano Pertegato


One response to “Seriously cool retro MP3 player

  1. Firm. Pity they only hold a few songs

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