I actually found this a few years ago, but looking back at it now it’s still quite amazing. communimage is a collaborative art project which was started in 1999. It’s hard to explain without actually taking a look, but basically it’s a huge image made up of thousands of smaller ones. Each smaller image is created by a different artist, and anyone is welcome. You can reserve a part of communimage for yourself to fill in by clicking on an empty white space which borders at least one occupied space. An email will be sent to you with your designated work space, and after filling it in however way you like you can either email it back for inclusion or upload it directly to the website.

Click the image below for the full zoom view

  • note 1: you cannot reserve a space using this full view image, you have to do it from the main page.
  • note 2: the image below is not the full size image, only a portion of the top left corner!



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