Machinima Johannesburg

I just came back from a really cool presentation at the Goethe Institute in Johannesburg. The Digital Arts Division of the Wits School of the Arts and the Goethe Institute are currently co-hosting Machinima = machine + animation + cinema, which is a four day event consisting of screenings, workshops and an interactive live show. It began tonight with a presentation by Friedrich Kirschner on the origins of machinima, followed by a few select screenings.

For those of you who don’t know what machinima is, the simplest way to describe it is this: machinima is a form of visual art which uses the graphics engines of computer games to create movies. Maybe take a look at the Wikipedia entry for a better description, or take a look at the website.

I highly suggest anyone interested in digital art/computer games/3D modeling and animation to check out the other events. Click here for a rundown of what’s happening of the next few days. Day 4 (21st February, 2 pm) sounds really interesting: 3D scanning with a Bathing Suit: Live Scanning Event – Make Yourself 3D.

The following YouTube vids are some of the short pieces which Friedrich used in his presentation to explain the various methods of producing machinima. The first one was created by a single person recording a run of his gameplay one thousand times, each of which were then overlayed on eachother to form a single video. It’s quite amazing. The second is a French short which was done using a flight simulator game, and the story and the script is quite funny.

Johannesburg Machinima


4 responses to “Machinima Johannesburg

  1. Hey dino, cool post man! I really dig the car machinima! What game is it? And how did he record his driving?

    Sweet man.


    • Yeah its pretty sick eh! I think its done with a game called Trackmania? I can’t remember exactly how he recorded it, but I think the game allows you to review your races from different camera angles, which was then fed out into a capture card or captured with software. The guy giving the talk, Friedrich, told us that most of the guys doing the software capture of the raw image dump will use an app called fraps.

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