Hello World

So I’m starting a blog. How long this lasts I don’t know. Maybe it will last a few posts and then I’ll feel super embarrassed about it and delete the whole thing and find a new online identity from which to do stuff on the interweb. Or maybe it will be fun and cool and last kind of long.

Just bear with me in the beginning, I’ve never done this new-fangled blogging thing. In my day if you wanted people to know what you were up to, you would make a loud noise chopping wood in the yard and wait for a neighbour to pop his eyes above the hedge.

So what will this blog contain? Wow thats hard to tell, but probably just stuff I find interesting, on the net and in my own life. Maybe a merge of music, design and engineering topics with some rants and raves in between.

Check the about page to check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out, what-wha-what-what-what’s it all about…

2 responses to “Hello World

  1. Yo man,

    nice blog. check out my website at http://www.counihan.co.za.

    now let’s see how smart your spam blocker thinks it is, and if it deletes this post.

    have fun with masters man!



  2. Please bru gmail is the business. its probably more intelligent than I am.

    Haha cool website you need to do something with it tho! Like an international phishing scam.

    Keep well boet, don’t work too hard.

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